When we say someone looks ethereal,  we are saying they look effortless, poised, classy, glorious and beautiful beyond description almost like an angel. Most times, an ethereal look is associated with white dresses but you can dare to be different in any other color as long as it fits the description.

 This glamorous maxi dress fully embodies the fairy-tale of an ethereal look and best part is that it comes in black as well, so for those who are scared of wearing white, we got you covered!. Perfect for the red carpet or any other high end evening event and you’ll most definitely be the highlight of the event.

Click on the item description link and order or shop in-store at the Green House mall along Ngong road


Location: Olkaria Geothermal Spa

Dress: Elegant maxi with waist diamante detail in white and black at Kshs 8,990/-














Photography: Tintseh

Hair: Mary Muloka

Makeup: Lilian Njeri

Model: Natalie Nduta

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