A DATE WITH SHAWN by Shawn Osimbo


Well Hello Guys,

A couple of weeks back, I had the chance to do a photoshoot with the MIMI crew and I got to choose these two amazing outfits. Let’s get right into it.  

The Gown

So let’s say I am not a fan of gowns but this particular day I decided to do something different. I had a bit of jitters but after fitting the gown I calmed down.  And I definitely fell in love with it. From the intricate design that is the netting of the whole dress with the tulle material to the length of the gown, I can admit I was actually enjoying every bit of it. The gown also had a stunning top part which had amazing beaded like embellishments.

If you definitely want to stand out, you can purchase this gown which can be worn to your dinner & wedding events.

The Tulle Dress

This dress is an absolute winner!  Girl time, cocktails, tea party, evening dates name it, this marvelous dress will do that job for you. I felt like a little black princess when I wore this. The top half really stood out for me with the amazing beaded embellishments that brought out the floral pattern. I topped it up with caged heels and midi rings.











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