Hey guys!! 

Let me start by saying that this is the first competition I have taken part in as a blogger, very exciting!! And I am so glad that you guys get to be part of this journey with me. In my blog post I saw it best to showcase my double lives. During the week, I am in a law firm and as we all know, it is mandatory to be officially dressed while most weekends I get my Miss Turu game on and dress casually. I managed to showcase the two sides through my outfits. I must admit striking a balance sometimes becomes really hard, but sacrifices have to be made for us to achieve our dreams =)

A flowery dress for Miss Turu is what I chose to wear. I just love how it’s figure hugging! The shoes I chose to go with the dress are this prefect red number that every girl should own! Seriously, and they are very comfortable!

mimi-4880 (1)

As for my life as  a lawyer, I chose to wear these two perfect numbers because they are very stylish and classy. Who said dressing up in official clothes has to be boring!

I hope you loved my post, Kindly remember to vote for me.

Love Miss Turu


40 thoughts on “BEST OF BOTH WORLDS by Miss Turu

  1. sharon says:

    My fav was the official wear. the metal detail on the top just makes it flawless! goes beautifully with the skirt too, wish you had settled on a white elegant bag though to brighten the outfit.. still, it does go with the shoes so thumbs up!

  2. phyll says:

    you make
    it look so easy. your passion and carreer, I know law kills all your passions and social life but they way you do it girl your best at it. keep it up Miss Turu. BEST OF BOTH WORLDS INDEED!

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