The Honchos

Anthony and Julie are the founders of the MIMI ONLINE SHOP, recognizing the potential for ecommerce and leveraging the increasing interest in fashion and trends, this dynamic couple saw a great opportunity in an arena that has largely been ignored.

The Money Man

Robert Mutuku is the finance guy who oversees all financial and administrative aspects of With more than one decade in the business of accounting, he is a reliable, efficient, serious, no nonsense accountant who keeps the energetic MIMI team rooted. The question is, can the other MIMI team members infect him with their bubbling, fun loving energy?​

Shop Manager

With a passion in sales and management, Susan oversees the day to day running of the MIMI shop. She is easy to talk to and will make sure your needs are met in good time.


Social media manager

William Wandie is the social media manager for MIMI. He ensures interaction with clients through the MIMI chat on the website and all the social media sites. Passionate about Public Relations and has an innovative spirit with great commercial flair and thoroughly enjoys the process of the conceiving ideas and taking the necessary steps to see it come to fruition. He possesses versatility, charisma and thrives well in fast-moving environments.


IT Manager


Creative, ambitious, adventurous and always up for a challenge are a few words to describe Ceciliah Mutai. She is in charge of overseeing the technical support at Mimi as well as being responsible for a lot of the planning, justification and evaluation. She is up-to-date with the latest technology as well as overseeing new systems design and development.

Email:         Twitter: @cecekosy






The Techies

Deveint is a digital creative agency located in Nairobi, Kenya. We develop solutions for web, mobile and social media.​



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